Mass Coverage of Sciedu Press’ Publications Promote Research and Education

Sciedu (Twitter) is a combination of two words that reflect the primary mission and objective of this organization. These two words are “Science” and “Education.” Basically, Sciedu is a publishing house that works in the field of scientific and educational research publications. Sciedu Press benefits various cultures and branches of science through its electronic versions of research publications.

A number of areas the research journals are targeted to include science, biology, medicine, business, management, economics,engineering, humanities, and social sciences. All its journals are available online for readers and researchers from all over the world. Well-formed and authentic publications are meant to improve research and education.

Sciedu Press doesn’t only publish scholarly electronic journals but also sponsors promising research projects. The literature in journals is developed keeping both the scientific and academic approaches in mind. The Press is also actively involved with international networks who work to promote diverse cultures while advancing scientific and academic research studies.

Quality Control and Feedback System of Sciedu Press

Sciedu Press’ management pays strong attention to quality assurance. They make sure that each and every piece of work that goes out in the press is accurate, authentic, proofread, and most importantly original. Plagiarized work or content that isn’t properly cited has no place in the Press’ publications.

Once the authors are done with the manuscripts, they can send these to the official email address of the journal. The official website of Sciedu Press elaborates the subject guidelines for various research areas that the authors submit manuscripts for. Researchers can easily download these guidelines to make sure they do exactly what they are supposed to.

The quality control system consists of four steps. In the first step, the editors review or skim through the received manuscripts to make sure they are in line with the journal’s scope. The ones that aren’t or have been partially or fully published in another journal before are rejected right away.

In step two, the manuscripts go through a plagiarism check. Advanced software programs are used at this stage in order to make sure that not even a slightly plagiarized content goes out in the press. The third step is for peer review that follows double-blind reviewing system. By keeping reviewers and authors anonymous to each other, Sciedu Press ensures impartial review and editing.

The final decision to accept or reject a manuscript is made in step four of quality control system where reviewers and editors rate a manuscript on a scale of 1-5, one being lowest and 5 being the highest. A minimum score of 2.5 is necessary for a manuscript to get published in the journal. Authors can contact Sciedu Press for more information.

The Role of Sciedu Press 

The press is playing an active role in research development. The scholarly journals help millions of research students and those related to academics to conduct their respective research studies. Its precise quality control systems and selection criteria make sure that only the best thing is published.