Use of biclustering for missing value imputation in gene expression data

The gene expression data shows the expression values of ten thousands of genes under hundreds of experimental conditions [1]. The data is useful for various applications such as cellular processes analysis, gene functions prediction and diseases diagnoses [2, 3]. However, some values in the gene expression data are missing due to image corruption, dust or […]

Parametric independent component analysis for stable distributions

Independent component analysis is a solution for blind source separation problem. The goal of Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is to find a linear transformation of multivariate data such as random vectors such that its components becomes statistically independent. Independent components also are called sources and input vectors are known as observations. Considering stable random vectors […]

Interval-valued process data monitoring and controlling

Over the fast development of new technologies, data with low resolution gathered from manufacturing processes, such as the synthesis and characterization of nano-composite processes or surface roughness consisting of the finer irregularities of the surface texture, thus recorded as interval values are commonly seen. There are several situations and examples for interval observations are inevitable […]

A comparison of organization-centered and agent-centered multi-agent systems

Within the area of multi-agent systems there has recently been a development towards making the organization of such systems explicit. However, while drawbacks of classical (agent-centered) multi-agent systems have been listed, the actual advantages of making the organization explicit have not been thoroughly investigated and the approaches compared. This paper summarizes our work with such […]