The application of Gaussian processes in the predictions of permeability across mammalian and polydimethylsiloxane membranes

The problem of predicting the rate of percutaneous absorption of a drug is an important issue, particular with the increasing use of the skin as a means of moderating and controlling drug delivery. One key feature of this problem domain is that human skin permeability to penetrants (often characterised by Kp, the permeability coefficient) has been […]

A Bayesian Network approach to diagnosing the root cause of failure from Trouble Tickets

Telecommunication networks consist of thousands of different hardware elements of the most varied kinds: servers, routers, modems, switching units, cables, base stations, cooling elements, energy elements, etc. Many of the possible relations between elements are not explicitly defined, even more when they are heterogeneous. For example, there is a clear relation between the cooling system […]

Detection of damaged seeds in laboratory evaluation of precision planter using impact acoustics and artificial neural networks

In the present study, feasibility of laboratory detection of damaged seeds in precision planters caused by malfunction of seed metering device was investigated. An acoustic-based intelligent system was developed for detection of damaged pelleted tomato seeds. To improve the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) models a total of 2000 seeds sound signals, 1000 samples for damaged […]

Interpretable support vector regression

As universal approximator for any multivariate function; support vector machine model is widely-used to capture highly nonlinear, unknown or partially known complex systems plants or processes. However, it should be pointed out that simplicity and complexity of this type of models are challenging tasks to perform, since these black box systems don’t give any insight […]

Combining coordination mechanisms to improve performance in multi-robot teams

  Coordinating a team of agents such that they collectively achieve a common goal is a complex problem within the field of multiagent systems [13]. Improving coordination in multiagent systems will benefit many application domain including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) swarms, search and rescue mission, exploration, and sensor networks [1, 2, 9]. In general, coordination […]

Noise-Robust environmental sound classification method based on combination of ICA and MP features

Mobile devices, including smart phones, have become extremely popular. They are ubiquitous tools in our daily life, used for communication and computing. Furthermore, they have come to play an important role in the sensing and monitoring of various physical data using their equipped sensors such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and acceleration sensors. Actually, many […]

Solar radiation: Cloudiness forecasting using a soft computing approach

Solar energy is one of the most important energy sources with increasing penetration into the power supply in the form of heat or photovoltaic systems, providing reduced environmental impacts. The solar energy systems are preferred to their source of energy because the sun is a renewable source; although, their penetration is reduced due to various […]

Yager ranking index in fuzzy bilevel optimization

Bilevel programming problems are challenging problems of mathematical optimization, which are interesting from the theoretical point-of-view (since it is a special case in nonsmooth optimization) and have a variety of applications. They are hierarchical problems of two decision makers, in which one – the so-called leader – has the first choice and the other one […]