Sciedu Press Launches New Journal for Management and Orgnaization Studies

Sciedu Press, a scientific publishing house based out of Toronto, Canada, has announced the launch of its newest journal, “Management and Organizational Studies”. “Management and Organizational Studies” will examine a wide variety of topics within the field, from strategic management and HRM to detailed analyses of new studies in organization behavior and development, collaboration, leadership, […]

Artificial Intelligence Research News

Artificial Intelligence Research has just published the latest issue Vol. 2, No.3. at We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to review articles and items of interest.

Adaboost and SVM based cybercrime detection and prevention model

Society has grown to rely on Internet services, where data and information are collected and stored in unprecedented volumes. The large and small enterprises collect data and information in various aspects such as: businesses, customers, human resources, products, and suppliers, which are opening the window of opportunities for malicious users and crooks. This paper presents […]

A hybrid agent based virtual organization for studying knowledge evolution in social systems

Social modeling applies computational methods and techniques to the analysis of social processes and human behavior.Cultural algorithms (CA’s) are evolutionary systems which utilize agent technology and which supports any evolutionarystrategy like genetic algorithm, evolutionary algorithm or swarm intelligence or ant algorithms. CA’s have been used formodeling the evolution of complex social systems, for re-engineering rule […]

The application of Gaussian processes in the predictions of permeability across mammalian and polydimethylsiloxane membranes

The problem of predicting the rate of percutaneous absorption of a drug is an important issue, particular with the increasing use of the skin as a means of moderating and controlling drug delivery. One key feature of this problem domain is that human skin permeability to penetrants (often characterised by Kp, the permeability coefficient) has been […]

A Bayesian Network approach to diagnosing the root cause of failure from Trouble Tickets

Telecommunication networks consist of thousands of different hardware elements of the most varied kinds: servers, routers, modems, switching units, cables, base stations, cooling elements, energy elements, etc. Many of the possible relations between elements are not explicitly defined, even more when they are heterogeneous. For example, there is a clear relation between the cooling system […]