A connection between discrete individual-based and continuous population-based models: A forest modelling case study

To represent, analyse and discuss aspects or ideas related to biological systems from a general perspective modelling is a necessary tool. With this in mind, teaching science and doing research based on the elaboration of models is widely accepted in the academic community. The discussion among theoretical biologists on reductionism versus holism has been featured […]

Robust estimation of Ackerman angles for front-axle steered vehicles

Driving a tractor in the field can be especially hard and tedious due to the repetitive nature of agricultural operations. Harvesting, spraying, fertilizing, and planting are common tasks that require full attention of farm vehicles operators for long periods of time, usually leading to physical and mental fatigue in drivers. In addition to the benefits […]

Worm-like robotic systems: Generation, analysis and shift of gaits using adaptive control

Inspired by the biological paradigm earthworm, this paper investigates similar mechanical systems—worm-like locomotion systems (WLLS). Their mechanical model comprises of a chain of interconnected, discrete mass points. These shall be used to mimic the wave of muscle contraction that travels through the earthworm’s body and results in locomotion. Therefore, actuators are assumed to be positioned […]

Domain transformation approach to deterministic optimization of examination timetables

Timetabling problems exist in numerous areas including educational timetabling, nurse rostering, transportation timetabling, sports timetabling and so on. Of all the timetabling problems, it was reported that the educational timetabling is one of the most widely studied problems [19]. Examples of educational timetabling include school timetabling, university course timetabling and university examination timetabling. In this […]

Use of biclustering for missing value imputation in gene expression data

The gene expression data shows the expression values of ten thousands of genes under hundreds of experimental conditions [1]. The data is useful for various applications such as cellular processes analysis, gene functions prediction and diseases diagnoses [2, 3]. However, some values in the gene expression data are missing due to image corruption, dust or […]